Tips for Transporting or Traveling With Your Puppy

Tips for Transporting or Traveling With Your Puppy

A puppy is a family member. We know how much you dote on your little fur baby. As responsible parents, you would be a bundle of nerves if you had to leave your puppy behind in a dog hostel when you are going out of town for a few days. Finding a relative or a close friend to take care of the puppy is an option, but we have a better option - take the puppy along!

Here is your quick checklist and handy tips for transporting, or traveling with your puppy. You might want to print these and take them along, especially if you are new puppy parents.

1. Where's the pram?

Just like a baby needs its pram, a puppy needs a crate that is large enough to allow it room for standing up, stretching, sleeping and moving around a bit and small enough for you to carry it around. The material of the crate should be soft enough to avoid bruises if the puppy is pushed against its sides on sharp turns.

If you are traveling in your own car, you can consider a puppy seat instead of a crate.

2. Is your puppy vaccinated?

Like Governments have mandatory list of vaccinations for people traveling into their country, puppy transporters also require the puppy to be vaccinated before taking on the responsibility of transporting it. Even if you are taking it along, it would make sense to know the weather conditions, and virus spreads in that area beforehand and vaccinating your puppy accordingly. The other regular annual vaccinations are also a must.

3. Does your puppy get motion sickness?

If your puppy is not accustomed to be driven around for longer durations, there are chances that it might be agitated or in some cases throw up due to the unfamiliarity of travel conditions. Consult your vet for calming meds and anti-emetic meds. It is necessary especially if your puppy is traveling for the first time and you do not know its motion sickness tendencies.

4. Do you know where to take your puppy in case of medical emergency?

Even if your puppy is perfectly fit and fine, it is essential to know the clinics in the area that you are traveling to. Of course, internet searches are helpful, but it is necessary to take your vet's opinion and reference if he knows fellow vets in that area.

5. Is your brat well fed?

Puppies are like kids, we reiterate. Because they can't express when they are hungry. In the travel hullabaloo, you might miss its food requirements. Feed and poop the puppy before starting, and keep it hydrated throughout the journey. If it is a long transit, make sure it has some doggie snacks. Also, don't forget to stretch and walk your little bud during halts on the way.

Do you have funny anecdotes about your travel experience with your puppy? Do you wish to add to the above list? Please drop your comments below, we'll be happy to hear from you.

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