Puppy Training

During the first six months of a dog's life, he can develop behavior problems that can last a lifetime if left uncorrected. By training your puppy in the convenience and security of your home we can start housebreaking procedures at eight weeks of age. Puppies do not have complete control of their bladders until they are around three months old, depending on the breed, but we can get the groundwork laid out the second you take your new baby home. Then, by using our gentle training methods, we can guide your puppy in the right direction, avoiding many of the problems he would otherwise develop. Laying down the groundwork to commands like "Come" is very easy at a young age and very important to keep your dog safe at home with you.


It's just as important for your dog to know what's right as to know what's wrong! Don't buy into the myth that your dog needs to six months old to start training. Many obedience companies that only do group classes lead you to believe that because of the vaccination schedule. By doing puppy classes in the privacy of your own home the requirement of all the vaccinations being in place is not necessary. If you are under the impression that we can train an eight week old puppy to fetch beer from the fridge, you are probably pushing it. Their brain development and attention span is usually not ready for multi tasking and complicated training. However, an eight week old puppy can learn to sit, come, down, stay etc. Even thought it's never to late to start training, waiting until they are six months gives you six months to develop bad behaviors rather than starting out with the good ones.