How To Teach Your Dog NOT To Come!

(Or, "Fifteen Things Many People Do Wrong")

  1. Say "COME" when you are not willing or able to enforce it.

  2. Let your dog run loose without supervision.

  3. Let your dog play with other dogs without being able to get him back when you want.

  4. Attempt to tackle or grab him as he runs by.

  5. Let your dog learn he can escape the yard.

  6. Yell and chase him when he's doing something wrong.

  7. Put him back on leash in a temper whenever he doesn't come and take away his freedom, rather than teaching him to come.

  8. Wait until he's faster than you are before teaching him to come.

  9. Let him get 50 feet away from you, even though he will reliably come only from within 10 feet.

  10. Do something unpleasant to him when he comes to you -- nail trimming, kenneling, bathing -- rather than first give a reward for coming.

  11. Play "fetch" and allow the dog to not bring it back to you.

  12. Fail to make the dog understand that "COME" always means "COME TO ME NOW."

  13. Let the dog continue to bark at people or dogs without obeying your "COME" or "ENOUGH".

  14. Let your dog bolt through doors and gates without permission.

  15. Make it hard for the dog to be successful -- call him when he's probably not going to come.