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    Planer Sander

    一 Diversity, High Precision,and Fast Speed Block

    一 Equipped with Siemens /MCGS automatic CNC control system, multi-touch large 

        screen, and a friendly user interface.

    一 Equipped with Siemens automated CNC control system, multi-touch large display

        It can be planed, sanded or both at the same time, which can be adjusted according 

        to the production task conveniently.

    一 Planer blade replacement system can greatly improve worker's convenience inThe 

        planer blade replacement system can improve the convenience and speed up the 

        replacement of the planer blade, saving time and making a high production efficiency.

    一 The processing and sizing system adopts the high-precision linkage ball screw machine 

        system and the high-precision magnetic grid positioning system, thus has a high 

        positioning accuracy, processing accuracy being 0.08mm, and repetitive positioning 

        accuracy being 0.02mm.

    一 The keyboard shoe pressing system solves the problems of multiple thickness tolerances 

        and the narrow materials cannot be simultaneously planed and sanded from the perspective 

        of demanders, which has strong applicability and good passing ability.