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    S+ is a business philosophy.
    Gathering the excellent product components, excellent talents, excellent production techniques and excellent management models,To create the bestproducts in the market.

    This is the S+ of Motimac.
    The manufacturer of high quality sanding equipments.
    Excellent productcomponents
    Excellent talents
    Excellent management models
    Excellent production techniques
    A quality sander supplier
    Motimac which aims at being a quality sander supplier adheres to the innovation of technological, so that we cancontinuously exceed customers' needs. The inheritance of Motimac is presenting the perfect quality. We continueto improve the process, and strengthen the value of supply chain in research and production details Above all, wepersist in setting strict demands, strict checks in each process during manufacture of sander products. Motimacis loyal to quality and creating superiors.
    Numerous supporters of brand suppliers
    The general partners' supports are the recognition to the brand of Motimac, also are the dependence on our technology, qualityand service. We firmly protect the responsibility and commitment about the brand of Motimac.For years,The value of Motimac brand has steadily improved for the reason that we have accumulated a lot of well-known brand suppliers worldwide and the strong technical supports of brand which radiate in more than 50 countries and regions. It could be argued that we have standed on the shoulders of giants. Consequently,you cantrust us completely.
    Integration of the whole service network
    We keep delivering considerate services to each customer with converting the strong strength of research and development to the customized solutions of sander process systems. In particular, Motimac has set up a professionaland efficient integration of the whole service system network. We can be your housekeeper on account of solving allkinds of problems you encounter at the first time with the excellent technical team and perfect after - sales servicepersonnel who can provide professional, caring and fast service for each customer.
    • TEL
    • 86-532-87725033
    • FAX
    • 86-532 87725022
    • E-MAIL
    • webmaster@motimac.com