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    Being the pioneering leader in technology, research and development of the sanding machine industry, Motimac bears great responsibility. This responsibility originatesnot only from our thirst for technical innovation, but also comes from the respect and trust of our peers.

    We regard this responsibility as equally important as each part of the sanding machine. Seeking increasing perfection is the key to make Motimac stay in the highest levelof quality, and withstand the tests of time.

    The products of Motimac are famous for the characteristics intellectualized, composite, automated, high precision, and perfect stability of machines in the industry. Motimac has awarded lots. of national patents. At the same time, we have got the certification of IS09001 quality system, the CE of EU and EMC, etc.Pursuiting of the excellent quality and the highest industry standards are what we have always been doing.

    By engraving this responsibility and mission into the heart, we can continue moving forward and seeking for ever greater perfection, constantly provide more suitablesolutions with high quality products, and finally create more value for our partners.

    Motimac, motivates your business!

    Quality and safety measures of machine tools

    In 2015, all the machine tools' design and manufacture meet the EU CE standards.

    Comprehensive and strict implementation of the IS09001 quality management system.

    A national new high-technology enterprise
    Member of the China National Forestry Machinery Association
    he Vice- President Corporate of Qingdao Wood-Working Machinery Association
    Vice president unit of special committee member of Shandong Furmiture Association
    Vice president unit of China Wooden Door Technical lliance