Bulldog Dog Breed Information

The bulldog puppy is well known to be a lively and fun loving character. A puppy is very sensitive in nature hence to let its personality to develop, a patient and a loving atmosphere will be necessary. A bulldog should, therefore, be socialized to live and co-exist with other domestic animals as early as at its puppy stage.


A bulldog puppy is, however, difficult to train mostly in cases where the trainer tends to force the animal by pulling or jerking it all over. It naturally stands on its ground hence for one to act as a good trainer, food treats, kindness and consistence are key qualities and services to offer to the dog. A common trait that one should learn to accept is the bulldog's tendency to be possessive of its food. The sole problem with such behavior is that it is independent of the trainee's traits; whether it is treated like a king or a useless creature, eliminating the habit won't be anything easy.

Being a companion dog, the bulldog needs regular attention and loving from the owner. In return, it will offer devotion and loyalty that is really difficult to surpass. It can be trained to accept and blend with other animals in the homestead but can still be indifferent with strange dogs and other animals. As long as the owner accepts visitors, the Bulldog will also be easy going with them. More excitingly, it may go to the extent of being very close to some frequent visitors to whom prior introduction was done.

Bulldogs will either be lazy or active. It may grow into a goofy and sweet dog or even become more serious, quiet or even shy. Some grow into very serious and stubborn dogs. Instead of vigorous play, a bulldog will prefer walking and spending much of its time relaxing or simply sleeping. Being relaxed and expecting not much other than care and attention, the bulldog is normally placid and sweet to its owner.

To get a high-quality bulldog via purchasing, one should anticipate spending some thousand dollars in exchange. This is however not enough at all since it's maintenance is quite expensive. The dog's body form can mean solemn health complications related to respiratory problems and heat stroke. The majority of Bulldog dams are naturally restricted to giving birth to puppies via cesarean section. It is, therefore, necessary to have a veterinarian do a regular checkup on the bulldog's health and more so expectant dams. This usually helps to keep the bulldog in good condition and keep it free from diseases, especially respiratory and heat sensitivity problem which are common for many dogs of this caliber. As a prevention measure, a bulldog should be housed in an air-conditioned environment where the temperatures are easily regulated and kept mildly cool.

Cleanness is also necessary when dealing with a bulldog. The owner's assistance is highly needed to keep the dog clean. This will include wiping the bulldog's coat using a damp piece of cloth. Since it's skin is very sensitive, detergent based shampoos should be avoided as they irritate the skin. In exchange for good care, the bulldog will offer great companionship, and the payoff is quite tremendous.